Giving with Slumbersac

We believe in caring for those around us and especially for the young. Our company ethos is to keep children safe and to give parents peace of mind. We have a social responsibility towards those who may be less fortunate. Because giving should have the power to change everyone’s lives. That’s why we’ve embedded giving into everything we do.

And the best part? You don’t have to do anything! Simply by purchasing a Slumbersac product, you’ll automatically make giving a part of what you do too.

Our Aim Is To Deliver 1 Million Dreams 

We sponsor and support a number of UK-based charities such as Julia's House Hospice and social organisations like The Childen's Sleep Charity and through our partnership with the ground-breaking business giving organisation Buy1Give1, we’ve linked our services with charitable projects right around the world - aiming to give out as many 'Dreams' to children as possible.  You can monitor our progress on our social media pages and also on the 'IMPACT' Tracker on the left hand side. 

Karina recently embarked on an incredible journey to Nairobi, Kenya, to see (and work) on 'B1G1' projects firsthand. The trip highlighted that businesses really do have the power to change lives and Slumbersac is so glad to be a part of B1G1. Every time you buy a Slumbersac product, you are bettering the lives of those less fortunate and giving them a future.  

Read Karina's Blog 


By purchasing a Slumbersac product you are working with us, allowing us to change the lives of others that are less fortunate.

Together we choose whether Slumbersac will:
  • Give new born babies paediatric consulting, immunisation and routine check-ups to protect their health.
  • Give a mother maternal care during and after her pregnancy for a day through the Bombay Mothers & Children Society in India.
  • Light up an entire delivery room with rechargeable lamps for a day and ensure safe child birth.

The best start in life for all babies.

Throughout the year we will accumulate a proportion of the sales which we channel into the giving projects around the world. These carefully selected projects are relevant to our overall company ethos: wanting only the best start in life for all babies.

When giving we are providing access to safe child delivery, pregnant maternal mother care and newborn paediatric consulting with vaccinations and immunisation.

We currently support projects in India, Kenya, the UK and, with your help, we intend to grow our giving projects to reach more mothers and babies across the world.


Your purchase of ONE Slumbersac sleeping bag provides the much needed vaccinations and immunisations to TEN newborn babies.

The organisation we support works with pregnant mothers and newborn babies to keep them healthy.

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